How it works

- Create your free merchant account
Creating an SMS LIFE account only takes a few minutes. Just compelte the registration form, and start using SMS LIFE today!

- Add a country
Select which countries you want to have available to your users and they wil be active in minute.

- Monitor your sales
We provide you with live stats and account information so you are able to view hw much you are earning.

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What we have to offer is possibly the simplest way to start mobile payments on your site. Once you have registered will will get the following.

Control panel access
From here you can view your account, view any sms you have recieved, view how much money you have earned, set up more countries and basically administer everything to do with your premium sms account.

We will provide you with countries as soon as we have set them up, they will be displayed on your control panel and you are only a couple of clicks away from setting them up.

We will pay you via paypal every month once your account hits 100€ or above. You can view this in your control panel.

Not only do we have a support ticket system we also have a live help, incase you have any questions.

So now you know what you get , but I bet you are asking how does it work.

Well it is pretty simple really.

Your visitors send an SMS with the text for example. NET WOW 123. The operator sends us this information which we check against our database. Each client will have their own subalias, this is the WOW part. Once we find who WOW belongs to we call the url they have stated in the control and send them the information we have been sent. Now here comes the great part.
You recieve the information and because the message contains 123 which in this example is the account number for someone in a game you are able to update their account automatically. Once it is updated you write some text to the page "We have Updated your account, have fun" which we will send back to the sender.
So as you can see there is is many things you can use this system for and remember the whole prcess takes less than 10 seconds.
If you are still a little unsure their is plenty of documentation within the control panel and if you need further help we are always here to help.

A new product we we are about to lauch is our competition service. With a simple bit of code added to one of your pages you are able to offer you visitors the chance to win some fantastic prizes. For every person who enters you earn money and you not even doing anything. You do not have to pay for the prize, postage or admin. Everything is taken care of by us.

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