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About smsLiFE      

SMS LIFE is a newly formed company created by experts in the industry who got tired of the same old services being provided to the public. The forward thinking and inspired ideas are what makes SMS LIFE number one for a webmaster to tap into the mobile payment sector.

Our solutions allow you to simply provide a payment system over the internet via your visitors mobile phone. We have tried not to limit the countries that we provide and from day one set up as many as we possibly could to allow you maximum coverage.

The MD of SMS LIFE, Mr Don Graham has many years of experience, not only in the telecommunication industry but also the Internet. He understands the needs of the Webmaster, the web visitors and mobile operators. With this understanding and knowledge he has produced a fantastic team of experts who make SMS LIFE what it is.

We provide our clients with following work ethics.

- Professional and timely correspondents
- A relationship with the client that will be long term and very rewarding
- Systems that provide only the best at all times.
- Because of the type of industry and clients we have, we understand that not only do we have to provide you with a service that benefits you but also a service that will benefit your clients/visitors, because if it were not for the visitors neither of us would be here now.

If you have not noticed by now, we are different to the rest, we believe that working with you will only benifit both of us more. The more we do for you the more money both you and smslife will make thus driving both parties forward.
To support this method of doing business we have the following system in place.
We will give you 100% of our profit for anyone you refer to us. Yes you heard me right we will give you 100% of our profit. This is to say thankyou for having belief in us and telling your fellow webmasters.
here is the full break down.

Month 1 = You recieve 100% of our profit
Month 2 = You recieve 60% of our profit
Month 3 = You recieve 20% of our profit

Using the sms system and the referral system could increase your income by 100% +


What does the future hold... well we are not fortune tellers but we are experts in our field so we can tell you that you will be provided with the best customer services, systems and services that we can offer. On top of this we will continue to expand our countries and products, allowing you to maximise your earnings.

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